Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2010 so far...

Hi everyone!

I'm back after how many months of hiatus. I just got busy with my new job. Yeah, I resigned from Eperformax and landed a contractual job in Sykes. At least it's a job that's connected with my line of study already. I'm an HR Assitant under the Recruitment Team. I met new friends already and now my days in Sykes is already numbered. I'll be ending my contract on March 5, 2010. Time flies by so fast, I was not able to mind that I'm gonna go jobless again. *sigh*
I'm job hunting again. I don't want to become a call center gent again. It's just not my calling.

Anywayz... 2010... Hmmm...

So far, a lot already happened in the first 2 months of the year 2010. Here's just a few of them...
*My contract in Sykes got extended for 2 months. Eventually it's about to end.
*The responsibility of budgeting the expenses at home is now passed on to me.
*My camera is no where to be found.
*Merger of ICT and Sykes.
*Melai won the PBB Double Up Edition. Grrrrrr...
*Heavy campaign jingles from the different Election 2010 candidates.

There's still a lot but my mind does not seem to cooperate. I guess it's just because I'm sleepy or my mind is really blank as of the moment. I'm tired now... Gotta rest... Imma sleep now... zZzZzZzzz... Nyt2x guyz...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Funny Skull Bracelet

I got this Funny Skull Bracelet from Sari of Japanista. I'm fond of skull stuff and this bracelet is another addition to my collection. This is one of her best sellers, it's good that I got hold of one. I paired it with the Cross Coffin Necklace.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Blessing Rings

Blessing Rings are the most recent addition to the Whitney Collection. Designers, Whitney and Howard, were eager to create another object that could touch lives as profoundly as their Millennium Angel Pocket Coin. Together they created something that would go beyond an item you hold. Blessing Rings are versatile charms that can be worn as jewelry, stacked on key loops, and kept in a pocket. Blessing Rings touch lives and in return touch our lives.
These Blessing Rings are great quality, nickel-free U.S. pewter; they came from abroad.
Perfect to give to those special people in your lives, or to use and keep as your own.

I bought the HAPPINESS blessing ring. It has the butterfly design and the word SMILE at the back of the ring.


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